The company goes by the philosophy of “The farmer is our first customer”.

The Agri team of over 85 people, carefully selects land and farmers in different areas around Bangalore. Seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and other growth promoters are issued by us to the farmers. Collection of crop from the farmer is done during the second half of the day and it is transported to the factory. On an average around 2000 acres of land is cultivated every year under contract production. The farm lands are situated between 100 to 200 kilometres from the processing plant. We have set up Agri offices at multiple locations closer to the farmers. As our company policy, we strictly do not employ child labour, only adult workers are engaged to handle all activities. We adopt sustainable agricultural cultural practices. A documented package of agri practices, training & monitoring ensure all aspects of crop including use of only permitted chemicals / pesticides as per USFDA & European Union regulations updated continuously. A good post harvest handling and logistics system is in place to reduce quality deterioration after harvest and during transit.

Our processing facility is on a 5 acres (2 hectares) land. The main processing hall is spacious and congestion-free. It has clearly demarcated/defined areas to handle fresh crop, production in vinegar, acetic acid and brine in drums and jars separately. Sufficient ancillary buildings are available to house electrical room, workers’ change room, toilets, dg room, cold room etc. Entire process hall is fly-proof with all entry/exit points fitted with air curtains, strip doors and windows with SS mesh as well as pesto-cuters. We have the best acid and salt resistant flooring to ensure good hygiene standards. A combination of natural and encapsulated light fixtures ensure good lighting. Only reputed and approved laboratory chemicals are used in all analysis. Existence of relevant approved standard procedures backed by periodical audits ensures higher efficiency in processing and meeting customer requirements. The production process starts with reception of fresh gherkins from farms, gherkins are checked at 7 Different stages for defects before they are processed either in drums or jars. There are quality checks at various stages of the process to confirm that the product is of high quality.

Quality Assurance

A highly qualified and experienced team of specialists ensure the highest levels of quality standards. From Agri inputs, to raw material, to processing, packaging and storage, quality assurance receives the highest priority. To ensure efficient and effective quality control and product improvisation we have in place quality systems. Unicorn Pickles is registered with the USFDA , is BRC certified and KOSHERcertified by the Orthodox Union.

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