About Us

Unipick Foods (Formerly Unicorn Pickles)

Unipick Foods (Formerly Unicorn Pickles) is among the oldest and most reputed companies from India, manufacturing and exporting Gherkins (Pickled Cucumbers) worldwide to over 56 countries.

Established in the year 1994, over twenty years old, Unipick Foods (Formerly Unicorn Pickles) is one of the pioneers in the gherkin industry. We are located in Bangalore, in the Southern part of India.

Our expertise lie in cultivation, production, packing and exporting of high quality gherkins and other pickled vegetables in Natural Vinegar, Acetic Acid (synthetic vinegar), or Brine solution. We offer two packing options; bulk packing (unpasteurised) in drums and ready to eat packing (pasteurised) in glass jars.

We have a team of about 150 qualified and experienced personnel managing the Agricultural and Factory operations. The processing, manufacturing and packing is done at our factory located approximately 30 kilometres from the heart of Bangalore.

We believe in a system oriented work culture and continuous training to achieve best of quality. We take a highly pro-active approach to customer requirements and suggestions, and strive to keep the level of complaints to near ‘zero’. We have a track record of consistently delivering high quality products on time to our customers.

We have been consistently rated high from our customers for supply of high quality product at a very competitive pricing. We have also been rated exceptionally high for our service and dependability.

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